Drip, drip, drip! If you hear this sound, you may have found yourself with a burst pipe or a loose connection in your water system. If you have a water leak in your home, don’t panic! There are many things you can do for early leak detection.

Our team at All Aloha Plumbing Phoenix is well-equipped with the proper tools that can ease your plumbing issues. Here’s our advice for clients who find water leaks in their homes and what they can do before and after a water leak.

Leak Detection In Early Stages

The best way to prevent a water leak is to find the source early on. Sometimes, you’ll be able to see a water leak through moisture in the walls, floors and ceiling or by the sound of the drip. Other times, you may have to check your water meter or your utility bill to see if there have been any drastic changes to your water usage.

There are different tricks for finding a water leak depending on where they can be. You can carefully check for pools of water nearby your appliances and sinks. If you think you have a water leak in our toilet, add a few drops of food coloring into the tank. After 10 minutes, check your toilet bowl. If any color shows, you have a leak in your system.

Take note of these changes and contact our team before the leak takes a turn for the worst. Taking care of water damage can be a costly repair, so we’ll get those pipes fixed quickly!

DIY Water Leak Cleaning Advice

Once the professionals come in to tighten and replace those pipes, you’ll have to clean up the area of the leak. Here are some tips for homeowners on how to clean up those water spots.

Prepare Photos And Tools

Before you start cleaning up the area, take pictures of any damages and where the leak started. This is so you can file your homeowners’ insurance claim and they can get the most accurate visual of the damage in your home.

For your safety, put on some rubber gloves, boots, a mask and goggles before cleaning up the area. Move around any furniture or belongings you have that may be blocking the damage. After you’ve done these steps, you can now start cleaning up the water.

Cleaning The Pathways

Once your water leak has been cleared, you’ll want to start cleaning up any leftover water and removing the moisture from the air. Open up all of your doors and windows to let out the moisture. You can also use a dehumidifier to remove the moisture quickly and efficiently. Clean up any standing water using a wet vac. If you had a minor leak, you can also use towels to clean up the water.

Disinfect any floor and walls that may have come in contact with the water. Here’s how you can clean up your floors:

  • Use hot water and soap to scrub the floors.
  • Wipe the floors with a disinfectant solution using bleach and water.
  • Open up doors and windows to air out the chemical smell.

Keep in mind that this process deals with chemicals than can have a negative impact on your health. If possible, allow your home to air out with the windows open for a few hours. With this process, you’ll eliminate the bacteria that may have resided in your walls and floor.

Call Your Phoenix Leak Detection Specialists!

While you can patch up those more minor leaks, you should always contact a plumbing specialist for more serious leaks in your home. All Aloha Plumbing Phoenix has the proper water leak detection equipment that can find and fix all leaks in your home. Contact us for a consultation today!

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